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How I Became a Chicken Farmer

Being a chicken farmer has been so much fun these past five years, but before I became a chicken farmer I was just a city girl with a dog. I had just moved to Tennessee in October 2012 and knew very few people. It was a big adjustment for Alaska (my dog) and myself but… Continue reading How I Became a Chicken Farmer

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The Season for Blueberries

Blueberries.... one of the simple pleasures in life that my kids and I love! We planted ten blueberry bushes this spring and we are ready to enjoy their fruit!

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Sour Grass

You may not have ever given it a thought or even realized just how many weeds in your yard are actually edible. Such as dandelions, chickweed, wild spinach and so many more. You may remember as a young child exploring your yard and tasting the green grass or other plants and flowers that grew there.… Continue reading Sour Grass