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How I Became a Chicken Farmer

Being a chicken farmer has been so much fun these past five years, but before I became a chicken farmer I was just a city girl with a dog. I had just moved to Tennessee in October 2012 and knew very few people. It was a big adjustment for Alaska (my dog) and myself but… Continue reading How I Became a Chicken Farmer

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Sour Grass

You may not have ever given it a thought or even realized just how many weeds in your yard are actually edible. Such as dandelions, chickweed, wild spinach and so many more. You may remember as a young child exploring your yard and tasting the green grass or other plants and flowers that grew there.… Continue reading Sour Grass

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The Dirty Dozen of 2018

Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) comes out with a list of fruits and vegetables that are sprayed heavily with pesticides. I find it sad that these are allowed to be sprayed onto our foods that we ingest. When and if at all possible choose organic foods. By doing so we are telling the… Continue reading The Dirty Dozen of 2018

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The Season Has Come to an End

It’s bitter sweet here at Kitts Ridge Farm, our last calf has been born. To be our first season, it has been a great experience for myself and our kids. They have really enjoyed seeing and petting on the calves. Kevin has been through many calving seasons in his lifetime, but this time around he… Continue reading The Season Has Come to an End

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Coloring Easter Eggs

Remember growing up with the wonderful tradition of dying Easter eggs? I do too! It seems as though we have lost that fun and exciting tradition somewhere down the line. Why? Is it because buying plastic eggs is more of a convenience than spending good quality time with our children? We colored eggs when I… Continue reading Coloring Easter Eggs