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The Season Has Come to an End

It’s bitter sweet here at Kitts Ridge Farm, our last calf has been born. To be our first season, it has been a great experience for myself and our kids. They have really enjoyed seeing and petting on the calves. Kevin has been through many calving seasons in his lifetime, but this time around he had to do it all. Of course I helped with whatever I could and it was a great, fun learning experience.

It started out really rough, not only for us but for two momma cows who lost their new born calves to a pack of coyotes. I really hope we don’t ever have to go through that again, but unfortunately it goes with the territory.

This calving season we wound up with fifteen beautiful calves. Two are solid black and thirteen have white faces. Now that calving season is over it’s time to start the gardening season and find other projects to do.

Between raising children, taking care of the house and having a farm, there is never a dull moment but we like it that way! Even with such a busy calving season we have continued to manage family time. Sitting down together, enjoying a home cooked meal, then relaxing and unwinding before bed is very important to us.

Here are a few pictures of some calves from this season. I don’t have a favorite but some are friendlier than others. The calf with the ear tagged number two, also named Oliver loves to be petted on and enjoys greeting the kids.

calf # 1
First calf of the season
Calf # 2
Calf # 3
Calf 3
Calf # 4
Calf number 4 was born just in time for Valentines Day


Calf # 5
Calf 5 Their markings are like finger prints, none are the same
Calf # 11
Calf 11 is very spunky
Calf # 15
Last calf of the season




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