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Born To Be Farmers

Kye and Kensi looking in coopBeing part of a farm family is something I experienced as a very young child before moving to the city. There are a few things I remember like my parents having a large garden and my oldest brother and I loved to play in it especially after it rained. That’s where we learned our first culinary skills, by making mud pies. Every kid needs to know how to make mud pies! Also, my uncles farmed on the family land so I continued to play and see what they were doing when I’d visit. They had cattle, raised gardens, hay and tobacco. I loved playing with my cousins in the barn on the hay. It amazes me that we never got hurt from the dumb, but fun, things we did.

I can remember riding 4-wheelers with my cousins and my younger brother through the cow fields and having cow patties fly up and get all over us. I will say, even though I may be a tomboy at heart, this girl still didn’t like having poop thrown on her. Anyway, those are great memories that my brother and I look back on and have a good laugh. Playing outside is something we did a lot of, even growing up in the city, we loved the outdoors and climbing any tree possible. So we didn’t miss out when it came to the great outdoors.

Now, I’m married and live on a farm with children of my own. I am so thankful and blessed that they will get the opportunity to experience more than I ever did. They love being outside and seeing the cows and chickens and hearing the neighbors dogs bark from way down the road. We don’t have to worry about busy streets or neighbors being so close that you can see in their windows. Although, there are times I get homesick for city life and have to go back to visit my family.

Kye and Kensi looking out window at daddy on tractor
Watching daddy fertilize the fields for hay season

Kye and Kensi have already shown so much interest in farming. They are always willing to help with the chores. Collecting eggs, feeding chickens and watering the animals. Letting the cattle smell them and allowing them to pet the noses of the cows is always such a great photo opportunity for this momma!

With spring on its way we have dandelions all over our yard. So, I taught them how to pick the flower heads off, I have some recipes to use them in. According to my children a dandelion is “lellow” (as is everything else right now). It’s a lot of fun to share, teach and know that they are the future of Kitts Ridge Farm. We want to teach them not only how to have fun and enjoy nature, but to also know what hard work is and what accomplishment feels like. Everything we do, they see and want to follow in our footsteps. If we are not showing respect for the farm they won’t either. This is their farm and we must take care of it today for them to enjoy it tomorrow.

What are some of your fondest memories either living on or visiting a farm?

Kye helping daddy with fence
Kye helping daddy with the gate
Kensi watching daddy with hay
Kensi watching daddy feed the cows

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