Simply Chocolate

Dark organic chocolate bars are something we like to keep in the house for a quick and yummy snack/dessert after dinner. We also like to melt it to use on fresh fruits such as bananas and strawberries. So, Kevin and I decided we would try and make our own homemade chocolate. How hard could it really be? I had no clue what I was doing, since I have never made it before. I had some cacao powder, which is part of the cacao bean that they process to make cocoa powder and chocolate from. With that said the cacao powder is not sweetened and can be bitter if eaten plain.

This recipe calls for three ingredients and very easy to make. I prefer to use all organic ingredients. This will defiantly be something I can let the kids help to make when they get older. This chocolate syrup is good to use as a dipping sauce with fruits or on cake. This makes ¼ of a cup of chocolate syrup at only 98.25 calories for 2 Tbs. it’s perfect for two people. SImple Chocolate Sauce


1 Tbs. coconut oil, melted

2 Tbs. cacao powder

2 Tbs. maple syrup


In a small bowl add the warm melted coconut oil, cacao powder, maple syrup. Stir with a spoon until cacao powder is mixed well. If needed, use a hand mixer and mix until smooth. Enjoy!

Note: May need to warm syrup to keep coconut oil from solidifying.




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