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The Calf That Escaped

Today is one of those days I’d love to cuddle up with the kiddos by the fire and watch “Daniel the Tiger.” It’s a cold, wet, rainy day, going outside does not sounds pleasant, but when you have a farm with livestock it is a must. Some days are uneventful while other days are exciting, especially, this time of year during our calving season.

While I was inside the house looking out the window I saw tag number five calve out in the field running and playing around. I thought to myself, Kevin did not mention he let this momma and calf out of the pen to be with the herd. After that, I never really gave it much thought.

Every day when I get the kids down for their naps I go do my afternoon rounds on the farm to make sure everything is good. But today was very interesting. I checked the chickens and gathered the eggs. They were doing fine and had laid seven eggs, not bad. Then I went to make sure the momma cows who are penned up with their babies have water and hay. I saw one baby with his momma while another momma was crying out for her baby girl. I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. Then it dawned on me, Kevin had not let them out to pasture with the others. Somehow the baby got out by lying next to the fence and apparently rolled under it.

Boots in the mud.jpg
Wading through the mud


By this time I was already in mud up to my ankles, literally. I was thinking to myself what do I do? So I decided to get the calf back in with her momma. Ha-ha, who was I kidding? That calf wanted to play in the open field and never paid any attention to me or her momma’s cries. After 30 minutes of chasing the calf, I figured she’s old enough now to just let momma out in the field with her. So that’s what I did. What would you have done differently in this situation?

momma and calf reunite
Momma and calf reunite

During calving season, as soon as momma has a calf, we like to keep them penned in the barn so they will be safe. This calving season we have lost two calves to a pack of coyotes and do not want to take any more chances of that happening again.

What are some ways that you keep your calves safe from predators?

Looking forward to your comments below.Calf and momma reunite and nurse

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