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Chickens on the Move

Today’s adventure was a great one and much needed for sure. Finding out what true farming is all about….Hard work! I have been wanting to move our chicken coop since we built our barn in early fall, but time and winter weather just has not permitted it. Sadly, we had to make time because we have lost a few chickens to our dog, Sadie.

Our chickens are fenced in a large run, with a chicken coop and locked up in their coop during the night. In 2013, we got our first flock of 12 chickens and we never lost a one until we started getting newer ones, four years later. Some of the new chickens have learned that they can fly over the fencing and have made it a habit. However, if Sadie is out she catches them, plays with them and eventually kills them.

The last chicken that flew over I actually saved its life before Sadie took it. She survived with just a few ruffled feathers on her back. When I talked to my husband (Kevin) I told him we either need to move the chickens or get rid of Sadie. I know the kids love her so much and it would be hard to let her go. So we finally made time to move the coop.

moving chicken coop
Moving the chicken coop


Kevin got his tractor and moved the coop with a little assistance from my father-in-law (David) and myself. He later got on his bobcat with the auger and drilled holes for the fence posts. I went behind him and used a post hole digger to clean out the excess dirt and my David put the post in.

kevin using the ager
An auger is a great way to dig holes fast
Kimberly using a hole digger
Cleaning out the holes before post go in

Let me just say, using the post hole digger is a great workout! It was fun since we only had to do seven holes. Next, we had use a leveler on the posts to make sure they were setting straight. Tamping the dirt in and around the posts little by little was the next step. Tamping is where you pack the dirt in and around the post to secure it in place. That was a job, but needed to be done.

Kevin and David working on coop
Putting boards up to hold wire so it can be stapled

Now it was time to start adding the chicken wire and cleaning out the coop. Almost done! Once the wire is up and the coop is cleaned then it’s time to move the chickens into their new area. I believe the chickens will be happy with the new move. We still need to get some shrubbery in there so they will have something to hide under, especially during the hot summer months. It will be even nicer when we can get a new chicken coop for the girls.

chickens in their new run
Chickens in their new run enjoying a treat





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